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Sunniva Holt on Liposomals

Sunniva Holt on Liposomals

Meet Sunniva Holt, transformation and mindset coach, author, professional health blogger and fan of BioBalance liposomals. Sunniva leads a full and dynamic life, in which BioBalance liposomals help support her, especially with sleep and immunity.

BioBalance as a brand, in the words of Executive Director Lucy Butler, was conceived to ‘help people (particularly busy women) keep balance in their lives, to support them in acing the myriad of demands that modern life throws at them, while staying true to their inner nature.

We feel that Sunniva personifies this. She has launched successful businesses, built a property portfolio, written a best-selling book and released a best-selling recipe app, garnered over 150, 000 followers on social media all while juggling motherhood, marriage and an insatiable love for travelling to warm places.

If you want to know a bit more about how BioBalance liposomal products fit in to Sunniva’s daily routine, watch the YouTube video.


Sunniva is a Transformation & Wealth Alignment Coach based in Auckland. She’s also a speaker, professional network marketer, social media queen, and a mum.